Thanks to the Email Account Manager, enclosed in the Hepsia Online Control Panel you are able to easily control all of your mailboxes, no matter how many sites you have. It’s easy to filter e–mail accounts, trigger anti–spam, create e–mail forwarding with merely a mouse–click and create filters for use on your email accounts. As a result of the auto–configure scripts, it will be easy to automatically configure your mail client to work with every email account of yours. And that’s merely a little part of what the Email Account Manager can help you with.


Intended to maintain spam away from you

No one wants unsolicited mail within his e–mail account. That is why, we have developed a custom anti–spam solution dependant on properly set up techniques that filter incoming messages and hold the junk e–mail away.

You may choose between different levels of security, subject to which kind of unsolicited mail messages you have. In addition, it is easy to indicate a distinct amount of spam protection for various mail accounts. Finally, you can pick what happens to mails marked as spam – to be deleted or sent to a given mailbox.

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Email Forwarding

1–click re–direction of emails

By making use of the Email forwarding tool, it’s possible to reroute all of the emails sent to a mailbox to a different mailbox of your choice (also hosted within the same account or anywhere else online).

To forward an email, just pick it through the drop–down selection after which indicate the mailbox that you like all delivered messages to get sent to. After that, you are given the opportunity to select whether or not you will need a copy of every message to be saved in the mailbox which you forward or not.

Hepsia File Manager

Email Filters

Organize your email accounts easily

If you receive lots of emails daily, it’s important to have them sorted. That’s why we provide server–side e–mail filters that come into action well before you look at your mailbox for newly–arrived e–mails. Therefore, if you configure your unique spam filters, you won’t discover spam within your mailbox!

Creating brand new email filters is really simple and easy. You’ll need to specify exactly what the filter needs to look for, the spot that the filter looks for it (subject, body, etc.) as well as what happens to the filtered e–mail messages.

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